27 Apr 2012

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John D. Rockefeller was a workaholic. Andrew Carnegie had no visible hobbies (other than drinking to excess). But the great American industrialist Henry Clay Frick is another story. This lesser-known titan of industry definitely knew how to party. When he wasn’t busy putting U.S. Steel on the map, he enjoyed a few frames of bowling with friends. When Frick built his magnificent East 70th Street home in Manhattan, he made sure it came equipped with its very own bowling lane. The Frick mansion is not the only American home that features a bowling alley. President Richard Nixon installed one in the White House in 1969. Not to be outdone, time-share mogul David Siegel has incorporated two enormous hardwood lanes in his newly built 10-acre mega-mansion, arguably the biggest house on U.S. soil. But the great thing about bowling is you don’t have to be a steel baron or a real estate tycoon to enjoy the game. Just hop in your car and you are minutes away from bowling centers that offer hours of fun, fitness and community.

So what are you sitting there staring at your computer for? Go bowling!
(Image courtesy of Jake Dobkin, Gothamist)

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