1 Aug 2016

Bowling and Health

Bowling and Health

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Although you may not think you’re exercising while tossing a ball down the lane at your local bowling center, the sport actually has many benefits in promoting overall health. Bowling provides a good workout for the body and mind!


Most important to the value of bowling as an exercise is that it is open to people of all ages. While lifting weights, running, or other forms of exercise can limit participation by certain demographics, bowling is easy to play whether you’re 8 or 80. This accessibility is important as it allows many people to partake in the simple, yet effective exercise of bowling.


What are the specific benefits of bowling?

-A typical person will burn up to 300 calories per game through the constant movement to the lane and the throwing of the ball.

-The bowling ball also acts as a weight itself, working your leg, arm, back and stomach muscles.

-The hand-eye coordination required to throw the ball and hit the pins stimulates the brain and serves as practice in mental alertness, concentration and tactical strategy.

-The social aspect of the game is also important for mental health, reducing stress and depression through interaction with other bowlers in a fun environment.


Most people bowl because it’s lots of fun! The health benefits are just an added bonus! 

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