Bowling Strikes With Advertisers Blog Post

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When advertising creative teams and brand managers gather to discuss new campaigns, they always hone in on one major question: What’s going to connect with consumers? And, over the years, many times the answer has been bowling.

Turn on your TV today and your are more than likely going to see ads created around bowling as brands like Old Navy, Geico, Bridgestone, Groupon and others tap into the popularity of the sport.

Bowling and the Hurricane

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When Bowland decided to purchase a food truck, the seven-center chain of bowling centers in South Florida envisioned many ways it could be used. However, one of those definitely was not providing food and beverage relief for hurricane victims…but that’s just what happened.

Oil Patterns

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Almost everyone who has ever bowled knows that using the right ball and correct bowling form are two key elements for bowling a successful game. What most recreational bowlers do not take into account is the oil pattern on the lanes. Understanding these hidden patterns and how to react to them is crucial to stepping up your game.

Fox & Friends Brings Bowling Front and Center

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Go Bowling brought the game of bowling to a national audience this past weekend setting up lanes on the set of FOX & Friends in New York. Professional Women’s Bowling Association (PWBA) stars Kelly Kulick and Diana Zavjalova, along with bowling industry leader Nancy Schenk, promoted America’s most popular participatory sport in recognition of National Bowling Day.

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