Using Your Balance Arm in Bowling

Do you know what to do with your balance arm? Odds are, you’ve never given it a serious thought, because most amateur bowlers don’t think about how they’re using their balance arm when they go through the motions of their bowling stroke.

Bowling Ball Fit

Bryan O’Keefe discusses ball fit with professional bowler Mike Fagan. With ball fit, if there is too much pressure on the fingers or joints, it is a sign that an adjustment needs to be made.

How to choose the right ball for you

Selecting the right house bowling ball from the seemingly endless supply at the bowling center can seem like a daunting task. Here are a few tips that will help you on your search for that perfect house ball:

How to Bowl a Strike

No matter if you are an avid league bowler or just a casual fan that enjoys the game with friends, everyone who steps up to the lane wants the same thing – a strike. Follow these simple steps for knocking down all ten pins next time you visit the bowling center.

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