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Getting Healthy on the Lane

With more than 67 million Americans hitting the lanes each year, bowling continues to be incredibly popular. We all know how much fun bowling a few games with your family and friends can be but did you know that bowling also offers you numerous health benefits as well?

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According to world-renowned health and fitness expert and founder of HealthFitnessRevolution Magazine Samir Becic, on top of being a fun and competitive game, bowling also can be advantageous for your health!

Some of the health benefits of bowling include:

Muscle Strength

During the course of a game, you do a surprising amount of walking and carrying the added weight of the bowling ball helps promote muscle exercise for the lower body. Also, during the throwing motion you are stretching and flexing numerous muscles in your arms and shoulders, which provides sufficient exercise for your upper body as well according to Becic.

Weight Loss

When bowling, you are constantly moving. This helps speed up your metabolism and provides the exercise needed to burn excess fat. The average bowler walks about 3/5 of a mile during a three-game series, which translates to 170-300 calories burned per game according to

Reduced Risk of Disease

Exercise and movement – including bowling – lowers your risk of stroke, heart attacks and diabetes. Also, bowling can help increase bone density, improve circulation, lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure and help your body utilize oxygen more efficiently.

Improved Social Life

Bowling is the nation’s number one participatory sport and many of these bowlers are members of leagues. These leagues allow bowlers to not only spend time with friends but also to meet new people with similar interests. Spending time with others helps ease loneliness, reduces stress and can prevent depression. Social interactions around shared interests – such as bowling – can even help to keep your heart strong and increase longevity according to

These are just a few of the many benefits of bowling. If you’re looking for a fun way to improve your exercise routine, find a center near you and join a local bowling team!

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