The Top 16 Best Bowling Balls For Beginners

If you are a bowling fanatic but never bowled before you might be wondering what the best bowling balls for beginners are. You might have bought a bowling ball before but is now in search for a new bowling ball, or just trying to get the ball that will fit your middle finger.

Another World…With Kyle Troup and Mike Iaconelli

Recently, Kyle Troup appeared on My World with Mike Iaconelli. Mike is a professional bass fisherman and television personality. He invited Kyle to appear on his show and go fishing and learn about bowling…Read about the trip and view Kyle’s BIG finish at the end of this journey!


Bowling is a fun game played popularly in all parts of the world. The player rolls a heavy ball to hit the pins that are placed across the lane. One who knocks down all the pins with the ball wins the game. These heavy balls that the player uses are called the “bowling balls.” In this article, we will be learning about what bowling balls are made of and their historical evolution.