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10 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Children Bowling…REGULARLY

Enhances Gross Motor Development

No matter what size bowling ball you use, bowling helps build gross motor skills. Picking up the ball and rolling it down the lane helps build those large muscles in your arms and legs.

Improves Motor Planning

Although some people make it look easy, bowling is not a simple sport/game. Bowling takes a great deal of motor planning. Players must use their arms and legs at the same time which is difficult for many. Building motor planning skills helps kids succeed in school and in sports.

Enhances Problem Solving Skills

Bowling is not simply rolling the ball down the lane. It involves so much more planning and problem solving than that. For each turn, you must release the ball at just the right time, at just the right angle. Then once several pins are down, you must figure out exactly where to roll the ball next to get the rest of the pins to fall. Bowling helps improve strategic thinking skills as well as encourages the use of trial and error.

Builds Confidence

It is so much fun to watch your child when they knock over their first pin or get their first strike. With each game, they get stronger and stronger which builds their confidence. Confidence leads to a higher self-esteem which leads to greater success.

Helps with Coordination

As stated above under motor planning, bowling takes a lot of thought and the coordination of muscles. When kids first start playing, they may lose balance or even fall over (I have seen it happen), but as they practice, their coordination and balance improves. They learn to use their entire body to play and win.

Strengthens Math Skills

Bowling is a wonderful way to enhance math skills. Little ones can simply count the pins while older kids can add up their score. Make it even more challenging by having them figure out how many more points they need to reach their score goal.

Builds Core Strength

Having a strong core helps with everything in your life! A strong core helps in every sport. Bowling helps build core muscles that not only improve their game but improve all aspects of their life.

Enhances Social Skills

Although bowling can appear to be an individual game, playing on a bowling team is a popular pastime all over the country. Many bowling alleys offer bowling leagues for kids that help build social skills. As kids play, they make new friends and learn to work together as a team. They also learn to help each other out when needed.

Reduces Stress I am not great at bowling. In fact, I always ask to use the bumpers. I do not bowl to win; I bowl to have fun. For me, bowling helps reduce stress and anxiety. It allows me to have fun with friends and family and make great memories.

Fosters Family Bonding


My family loves bowling together! It is a fun way to spend some quality time together and bond as a family. My husband helps my boys improve their game while I just try to knock over a few pins. We also engage in some friendly competition.

This story was written by Jessica Lopa and edited for See this story and many others she has authored with Mommy University about activities for your children. Full Story Link Here

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